Global Meditation Group is organized by a small Chicagoland Reiki, meditation and art studio. We offer Reiki sessions (both distance Reiki and individual in-person Reiki sessions), Reiki classes, animal Reiki and meditation retreats out of Park Ridge, IL.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced “Rey key,” is a powerful tool for both relaxation and spiritual growth. A Reiki session in many ways is like having your spiritual batteries charged. When we go through our day and come across negative people or events, they can sometimes drain us of our spiritual energy leaving us feeling depressed, stressed or tired. It is hard to remain positive and on course with your spiritual development, much less manifest anything wonderful into your life, when you are spiritually drained. Reiki is a great way to replenish your spiritual energy and strengthen your connection to Spirit so you can get back on the path toward your highest fulfillment and happiness.

During a Reiki session, the Reiki master acts as a channel for the Reiki energy, directing it down through their crown chakra and out of their hands into the recipient. The energy that they are channeling is the divine, all knowing spiritual energy that exists around us everywhere. People refer to this energy by different names in various cultures (prana, qi or “chi“, ki, life force), but it is essentially the energy of love.

With love all things are possible. Love is the essence of everything, the source of our spirit and the energy that powers our physical existence. When we are filled with love we are in harmony with our creator and can do extraordinary things for the benefit of not only ourselves, but for everyone we share our world with.

How Is Reiki Used With Meditation?

Reiki increases the effectiveness of other spiritual practices by directing spiritual energy toward your mind, body, spirit and intentions as you pray, visualize or meditate. Reiki can even be used during the practice of yoga or tai-chi. We have created a series of meditation videos and mp3′s charged with Reiki energy to help you use Reiki at home in your daily spiritual practice. You will receive Reiki energy from these meditations the entire time you are watching or listening to them.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki works with the energy fields of the body to bring love to all levels of your being.
•Promotes relaxation
•Promotes stress reduction
•Promotes sense of well-being
•Facilitates spiritual growth
•Aids those on the path toward ascension or enlightenment
•Promotes balanced chakras
•Promotes free flowing of chi
•Wonderful spiritual recharge
•Helps to strenghten the connection to Spirit

What to expect during Reiki:

Reiki is experienced differently by each person, but there are some common experiences:
•Feelings of tingling or buzzing
•A feeling of warmth or cold
•Feeling of relaxation/ peace
•Flashes of color or light
•Sleepyness or falling asleep
•Emotional release
•Energetic pressure or static
•Feeling of one or many hands placed lightly on your body
•It is important to note that some people do not feel as much as others during a Reiki session and that is perfecly fine

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