Global Meditation Group

The Group Meditation For A Better World is a worldwide meditation group with nightly meditations for the purpose of using our collective energy to create a more loving and peaceful planet. One of our greatest dreams is that our world would become a more kind, compassionate and loving place. While we know that it is not possible to solve many of our world’s problems on an individual level, we know that there is strength in numbers. By working together, both on a spiritual level and on a human level, sharing information and meditating together on a nightly basis, we know that we can create positive change in the world for ourselves and for everyone we share our world with.

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Group Meditation For A Better World’s Mission:
•World peace
•Greater compassion and kindness for all sentient beings
•Enough food, water and shelter for all living beings
•A cleaner and healthier planet
•All children being loved, wanted and cared for
•Equality and understanding for all
•Harmony, happiness and empowerment for all
•Love, appreciation and fulfillment for all
•Freedom and a passionate sense of purpose for all
•Abundance for all