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Meditation is the practice of reaching higher levels of consciousness. You can achieve this through a variety of means. Traditional meditation is one of them, but you can also achieve this through thoughtful prayer, by enjoying a sunset or a crackling fire, you can achieve it by holding a child or pet, you can achieve it through yoga or even walking if it is done mindfully. If you are fully present and aware of what you are doing, almost any task that you do can be a form of meditation. The only real difference between them is how deep into the meditation you can go. There is no right way or wrong way to do meditation, so have fun with it, try many different meditation options and use whatever methods work best for you.

Feel free to try one of the meditations listed in our forum, try one of our meditation albums below, or just follow your heart and invent your own.


$19.95 – Audio Retreat
Meditation For Beginners
The MP3
version of our meditition retreat –
designed for those not able to
travel to one of our retreats and
as a practice tool for our students.
Coming Soon!

reiki charged water sound meditations rain waterfall stream

$9.95 – Reiki Charged
Water Sound Meditations

Stream Meditation: 10:25
Rain Meditation: 11:12
Waterfall Meditation: 11:55
Nature sounds with NO music!
30.7mb mp3 download

guided meditations

$9.95 – Reiki Charged
Guided Meditations

Rainforest Meditation: 30:00
Ocean Meditation: 30:00
Nature sounds with music
and guided meditations.
Coming Soon!

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