Meditation Week 7-20-2012 through 7-27-2012

This week, in light of the tragic incident in Colorado, we will focus our meditations on creating an atmosphere of peace and love in the world. Our thoughts are with those in pain and their families.

And now for something cute and fuzzy to focus our energies on the GOOD that exists in the world so we can create more beauty, joy, peace and love in our lives and in the world around us.

Meditation Week 6-25-2012 through 7-2-2012

This week our meditations theme is the energies of gratitude and kindness… doing our best to focus on those energies during meditation, and live them in our daily lives.

Inspired by:

Weekly Meditation Theme 4-15-2012 through 4-22-2012

This week we will be focusing our meditations on the things in our lives that we are grateful for, feeling the gratitude, building the energy of that feeling and letting it flow into the world around us. We are very grateful for all of you who meditate with us!

We have finally got around to re-posting meditation videos to our website – – they can be viewed in our forums in the meditation section and also on youtube. Enjoy! 🙂

Weekly Meditation Theme 3-24-2012 To 3-31-2012

We are closing out the month of March with a week of meditation focused on the energies of love and gratitude. Each night at 10pm we will focus our attention on the things/situations/loved ones in our life that we love and are grateful for. We will allow ourselves to feel the love and enjoy the gratitude and send those energies out into the world. Please join us! 🙂

Spring Clearing Week 2-4-11 through 2-11-11

I know it isn’t REALLY springtime yet, but it feels like it here in Chicago and so why not welcome the warmer months now anyway?! This week we will focus our meditations on a special theme – clearing. Every night as we fall asleep, we are going to take a few deep breaths and do the following:

Focus inward and LISTEN really hard with great attention (like if you heard a strange noise in the night and were trying to determine the source)

Whatever thoughts and feelings pop up, look at them one at a time and ask WHY you are thinking and/or feeling that… when the answer pops up, ask WHY again until you get to the source.

When you get to the end answer, ask yourself if the thoughts and/or feelings are serving you or harming you, and if you are ready to let them go. Take in a deep breath and release it all on the exhale.

Listen some more… release some more. I started doing this last week and it has been WONDERFUL, hope you all will join in and make our lives and our world a little lighter. Have a great weekend! 🙂