Special Meditation Week 8/29-9/4 2011

This week we are doing a special meditation blast for improving the economy and increasing jobs for the highest good of all. We will focus on visualizing money energy flowing freely throughout the world, visualizing all those who are need of employment being happily employed (if you are unemployed, focus on visualizing yourself enjoying a stable and fulfilling job), visualizing all who are underemployed finding the full employment that they deserve (once again, if this is you – do the visualization for yourself), and visualizing the economy growing… and sending love to the world and to all that are hurting at this time. We will do this meditation every night for a week – you can focus on one aspect at a time if you wish. Who is joining us?

For those who are not comfortable with visualization or who are not sure how to do it… visualization is basically just daydreaming, allowing yourself to contemplate something and experience it emotionally, mentally and spiritually before it “physically” happens. If you have trouble with the “visual” aspects of it, then focus on the tactile or audible aspects of it… the important part of visualization is to achieve the feeling that you would have when experiencing the end result as if it has already happened. 🙂

Visualization guide: http://www.globalmeditationgroup.com/groups/meditation/meditation-guides/forum/topic/visualization/

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