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The following is a list of people who have requested prayer, meditation and/or loving energy on their behalf.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, meditate for their well-being, and send them your love:

Sandra: for healing from divorce, healing broken-hearted children and for better work opportunities.
Shannon: for healing from grief.
Roseann C: for healing from heart failure, c.o.p.d., & complications w/diabetes.
Usha Lala Moreami: Healing from cholesteatoma and improved finances.
Mari: for healing from grief.
Matthew Batchelder: for employment and direction in life.
Brenda Wolfe: for relationship problems with a friend and improvement of financial difficulties.
George V: for him and his family so that they may find work and get through this difficult financial time.
Kristin G: for successful healing of Leukemia
Martha L. Ledesma: for improved overall health
Steven: for healing
Christine Batchelder: for successful foot surgery and healing
Marjorie Wilhelm: for employment and relationship peace
Edrie I: for finding meaningful work to feed their soul and help others
Cydney F: glialblastoma multiforma (brain cancer)
Allyssa Lynne E: pancreatitis – pain
Jim J: for safe travels and happiness in Jim’s new home
Sheila B: for help finding work to support her family

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