Meditation Week 6-25-2012 through 7-2-2012

This week our meditations theme is the energies of gratitude and kindness… doing our best to focus on those energies during meditation, and live them in our daily lives.

Inspired by:

Weekly Meditation Theme 3-24-2012 To 3-31-2012

We are closing out the month of March with a week of meditation focused on the energies of love and gratitude. Each night at 10pm we will focus our attention on the things/situations/loved ones in our life that we love and are grateful for. We will allow ourselves to feel the love and enjoy the gratitude and send those energies out into the world. Please join us! 🙂

Week of Gratitude 11-23-2011 thru 11-30-2011

This week we are focusing on the things in our life that we are grateful for, starting tonight by creating a list of those things and then meditating on that list for the remainder of the week. We hope you will join us! Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving, we are grateful to take this journey with you! 🙂